03. VRD-PTV310 Universal Wireless Presentation

VRD-PTV310 Universal Wireless Presentation Gateway supports not only the most common screen mirroring technology like Miracast, AirPlay, WiDi, DLNA, but also popular wireless protocols like MirrorOP, AirParrot, and AirPin. Some of them are cross platforms, while some private. Luckily VRD-PTV310 is so powerful that it can work with all of them.

Miracast support

VRD-PTV310 Miracast Support

Miracast is a featured WiFi display technology for Android smartphones and tablets, also for PC/laptops and smartphones and pads of Windows 8.1+. When working with the Miracast capable devices, users don't need to install any software/APP to present with VRD-PTV310. Operation is very simple and performance excellent.



AirPlay support

VRD-PTV310 AirPlay Support

AirPlay is a unique screen mirroring technology of Apple, thus it is not simple job for third party to support it well, until you try the superior WiFi presentation gateway VRD-PTV310, which simply support AirPlay perfectly. Like Miracast for Android and Windows users, no third party software is needed when you select AirPlay to mirror with VRD-PTV310 Wireless presentation box. This is really helpful for iPhone/iPad and Macbook users.



WiDi support

VRD-PTV310 WiDi Support

WiDi is the wireless display technology developed by Intel. When your Windows PC hardware meets the WiDi requirement, and have WiDi utility installed, you can also have WiDi to mirror from your Windows laptop or WP with VRD-PTV310 without any problem.



MirrorOP support

VRD-PTV310 MirrorOP Support

MirrorOP is a cross-platform wireless screen mirroring technology for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, it works when devices don't support Miracast, nor AirPlay, nor WiDi. Simply install the MirrorOP sender for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac respectively, run it and easy to get your screen mirrored to large screen with our VRD-PTV310 as a MirrorOP receiver then.



AirParrot support

VRD-PTV310 AirParrot Support

AirParrot is another cross-platform WiFi display standard for Mac, Windows, and Chrome, when there's no support for Miracast or AirPlay or WiDi. It is especially good news for Chrome since there's no common wireless screen technology like Miracast and AirPlay. As an alternative, users can also install AirParrot while VRD-PTV310 will work just great for wireless presentation.



AirPin support

VRD-PTV310 AirPin Support

Like MirrorOP and AirParrot, AirPin is also a great wireless screen mirroring utility for Windows, Android, and iOS when there's no support for Miracast, AirPlay or WiDi. Download, install and run it to mirror from small screen to HDTV or projector or display, it just works seamlessly with VRD-PTV310. Last but not least, the China-developed utility can be free to use.



DLNA support

VRD-PTV310 DLNA Support

DLNA is used to push the content from smartphones/Pads and PCs to big screens, though it is now not the preferred technology. VRD-PTV310 also support DLNA protocols so that small screen devices with DLNA capable players/APP, such as BubbleUPnP and Kodi, can simply push/cast the content to big screens with it, either local content, or online content.



So basically when there's demand for you to present either local or online content from your small screen to big screen, VRD-PTV310 is just ready.

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